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Nicolò Zubbini – 3d environment artist – Portfolio

Contact :

3d environment artist : modelling , texturing , rendering. For game envs, animation, architecture and documentaries.

I work mainly in Blender on Linux , other software : 3ds Max , Vray, Rhino, Gamebryo engine.

Available for freelance/for hire , remote/on-site work.

More info : About me page

Vray-Blender Tutorial DVD for CmiVFX


Archviz video with Protocube snc  : additional env. modelling , shading, lighting, render setup and renderfarm wrangler.


Product visualization animation with RIG (rete italiana grafici) : environment modelling,  shading, lighting, render setup.


Works for Casabase SAS –  -2006-2008 -Rhino ,3Ds max, Vray.

NiZu portfolio 08 005.jpg

  NiZu portfolio 08 007.jpg

Product viz. (personal project, render and animation by me ,  design by Mattia Sillano)

NiZu portfolio 08 004.jpg

Personal projects – 2008 – Blender , Yafaray / luxrender .

intrev durand lux interior test 6 nizu - with env-dp 24spp 1h30

Escher’s covered alley remake – personal project – 2009 – Blender, Vray.


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