CG Sketchbook , notes and tutorials

Nicolò Zubbini – 3d environment artist – Portfolio

Contact :   More info : About me page

The Golden Age ships – Modellling  (low, hipoly , bakes in Blender) and Texturing (Gimp, Blender) for “The golden Age Cape Hoorn” exibition for Model Earth / Rob Tuytel.

nicolo-zubbini-leusden2 eendracht3DeHoorn4

Kenshi – env art (texturing, hipoly detailing) Texturing (dDo , Gimp Blender) + some parts of modelling and hipoly sculpting   for the mmorpg “Kenshi” by Lo-Fi Studio for 3D Masala.



LANDMARK PROJECT Lowpoly modelling (2k tris +1k diff , from baked hipoly chunks) for Hangman Digital and Amazon Fire maps, 2013-2014. made in Blender with osl materials, no manual texture paint .

LandmarkII-Hangman-NicolòZubbini Landmark01-Hangman-NicolòZubbini Landmark02-Hangman-NicolòZubbini

PROJECT MANGO – TEARS OF STEEL Environment art (design, model, textures) for the Blender Foundation’s 4th open movie project . I worked on the dome environment , texture library, environment shading, sci-fi greeble kits, ships models.

TUBE OPEN MOVIE: Environment texturing and shading for “The wires for empathy” (Tube open movie project)

tube-texturesGAME ENVIRONMENT ART 2009-2011

Top Hand Rodeo – 3 stadium environments  (models/ textures/ lights) for PerpetualFX- 2010- PS3 Network , Gamebryo engine, Blender , 3ds Max ,  vray.

Galactic Bowling / AMBL – 4 game environments (models/ textures/ lights) for PerpetualFX – 2009 – Wii / PC  Vicious engine, Blender , 3ds Max ,  vray.

Rocket Racing League  – planes and 4 game environments (models/ textures/ lights) for PerpetualFX – 2009 – IPhone – Blender ,  vray.

Environment props :


HI POLY STILL RENDER ENVIRONMENTS: Old District – personal project – 2013 – Blender , Cycles.


Groggy – personal project – 2011 – Blender , Vray. Canal Factory – personal project – 2010 – Blender , Vray.


ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION: Vray-Blender Tutorial DVD for CmiVFX 2011, Zen Garden – personal project – 2008 – Blender , Yafaray.


Works for Casabase SAS –  -2006-2008 -Rhino ,3Ds max, Vray.

Environments for product visualization video (collaboration with R.I.G. ) : env. modelling, shading and render setup Architectural visualization for Protocube SAS (shading, rendering , renderfarm wrangler)



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