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about me ,  Nicolò Zubbini (“Ni:Zu”)

I’m an environment artist, focusing on asset modelling and texturing, then shading and lighting and some aspects of level building.
I work on anything environment : from architecture and landscape to vehicles and mechanical.
With a passion for sci-fi, best if served with heavy weathering and decay. I also enjoy working on accurate and realistic historical reconstructions and have an interest in documentary cg in general.

I’ve studied architecture (bachelor degree) and initially worked in arch.viz, then historical documentaries and advertising. I’ve worked on hipoly vfx environments, but specialize in realtime and lowpoly.
My weapon of choice is Blender, for modelling and sculpt. Toghether with Substance (or dDo) for texturing.
As for game engines, i mostly work with Unity, assembling environments and baking lights with Enlighten.I’ve previously used Vicious engine, Gamebryo, and made custom lightbakes in vray for console and mobile games.

I work as remote freelance and sometimes move on site for specific projects:
Remotely, i worked with : Streamline Studios (unannounced proj.) , Model Earth (Golden Age project), 3D Masala (Kenshi) , Hangman digital (Landmark Proj.) , PerpetualFX. (various mobile/console games)
On Site i worked with : the Blender Institute (hipoly env artist for VFX on the open movie “Tears of Steel”), Protocube Snc (Unity product viz.) and various individual architects and designers.

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BlenderNetwork :
CG society :

2 responses

  1. your stuff looks very cool, just stumbled upon it while texture searchin in google.
    pretty amazing that you switched to blender for all this!
    best regards!

    October 21, 2011 at 3:37 pm

  2. Ni:Zu, Hi.
    We have spoken on some forums before, and I have read some of your posts and watched videos, etc.
    One of which was about tiles textures. I thought Id share this, my recent post at Blender Artists to see what you think. It is only about the tiles tangentially, but this technique came to me whilst I was making a tiles texture, and thought of the posts of yours which I have read in the past, and commonly contain baked textures, so I thought you might like it, and would welcome your comments.

    October 22, 2013 at 7:13 pm

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