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MAV: Buildings and environments

MAV-Unity5-5-test_Cam-garage1 (1)_2017-10-06-19-27-39

So much to post from the past months!  Starting with buildings and environments for the game ‘MAV’.  Above : the garage / game lobby,  below : 2 sets of buildings for the levels:

MAV-Unity5-5-test_Cam-city-night3 (1)_2017-10-07-17-15-26_3840x2160

MAV-Unity5-5-test_Cam-city-night3 (4_2017-10-07-17-49-13_3840x2160

I always enjoy the architecture part, the style ref.  was 20th century ‘Brutalist’ buildings,  and it fits well with the concept that these buildings are on another planet and in the future, but not necessarily all shiny, high tech and unfamiliar , they are  ‘normal’ everyday industrial or military architecture, even if from a different time and place.

Workflow is the same as previous sets (Blender+Substance).  The screenshots above are beauty shots in Unity 5 ( and some older ones below are Marmoset),  also below,  some w.ip. images of models and previews in Blender and screenshots from Substance Painter with texture sheets, which show what parts are uniquely textured vs. all the repeats and reuse in the assembled models above .


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Also below, landscape shots of the mountain pass and city levels (Unity 4, using the actual in-game shaders) These are large, open levels to fit the size of player models (M.A.V.s are mechs, 2-4 storeys tall)  For the levels, i worked on terrains in Blender and exported to Unity terrain system, textured using S. Designer and used Unity tools for grass and trees.

More posts soon : New mech parts and promotional renders.


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