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I’m working on a personal project! a small realtime env. (Blender, Substance, Unity)

This was long overdue: some things you only learn on actual projects,  working for and with other people, and with budget and time constraints, but after a while i had also a pile of  things you don’t get to solve properly in that context.

The updates and info on the scene are on polycount :

And in particular ,  in the last year, i’ve been working on some export and workflow tools of my own (i call them ‘python on post-its’ :D) :  It’s some batch tools for quicker common tasks of organization and cleanup when creating game assets and environments.

These tools started as a few macros to rename object pairs for hipoly-lowpoly  and quickly going from Blender to Substance, then expanded with some macros for export to Unity (joining objects preserving custom normals, repacking uvs for use as lightmaps .. and few more boring but useful speed ups)

After a while, i had all these snippets lying around , customized with ‘hardcoded’ changes for each project,  and at least i want to polish them as ‘internal tool’, organize them so they don’t get lost, but i also want to make them as usable/useful as possible for the community.

I think it’s great how Blender allows artists to make their own tools easily (i’m not a dev or a proper technical artist either) and it has surely saved me time on daily env-art work! But this also means, my addons will never be good code or polished,  still this thing will serve its purpose even if it only creates a bit of online discussion about game art tools in Blender,  or later a talk at BConf and eventually the best ideas being picked up by proper devs.

Click on ‘read more’ to continue on this topic :

The code has been freely available on github (  for a while , but beware ! it’s not really usable : not until i finish a tutorial/doc and anyway likely too tied to my own workflow, so probably not worth it right now,  unless you just want to read the python as ‘spare parts’ .. but i’m happy to discuss the topic , and i’m working to make it a bit more useful for others (so stay tuned and ask ! if you want to know more)

UI and operators description (DRAFT)

EDIT : the draft manual has been moved to the on github .





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