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M.A.V. – modular mech parts


M.A.V. : Modular Assault Vechicle is a indie PC game where you can build your mech and fight other pilots, developed by Bombdog Studios.

I worked on  unwrapping, making hipoly detail models and texturing all the mech parts in the library, and modelled lowpolys for some.

Credits for the base design and lowpoly modelling goes to the main dev of the game Chad Mauldin (   and  Valerio Fissolo  collaborated on modelling hi and low poly for the heavy weapon set.

Image below is the full set of pieces done in the 1st round, but more mech parts and env. assets are coming.


That’s quite a library of pieces, but also quite consistent set of materials,  and hipoly detail types, so a big part of the job was  a good workflow, for the texturing the key was the standard Substance workflow of setting material ids on hipoly pieces, then applying to all sets a single smart material with color keys for the mat ids (approx. 30 materials in total), combinations of plastic, metal, rubber in 3 shades (light, mid , dark) and dull or shiny versions .  The camo you see is dynamic, applied in game.

The overview screenshot is in the game engine, Unity 4,   with a custom hardsurface shader. The assembled mech pictures on top and below are Marmoset viewer renders (using same spec/gloss maps as in game but with full pbr shading)




Below screenshots of various parts in Substance painter , with test camo patterns. Turns out, pink camo is the best way to judge if the mask is good 🙂 and how much camo paint the mech will acutally get.


The  exploded placement is there to get correct occlusion  while baking hipolys, and models were split in even smaller parts and named to get clean normal map bakes  .. all then put back toghether and in place with some python script/macros  to handle the repetitive bits.

The medals are game achievements i modelled and rendered as images.

The last screenshot is inside Blender  showing a bit of the workflow.. mat id list, some low and hi poly pieces,  the  list of named (-hipo or -lopo) pieces and script with buttons to quickly export to substance or to final fbxs for unity .



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