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Ship Arena – Metris street football


Lots to post from recent months ! Starting with this: environment art for PC game Metris street football for Metris Code.

“Ship Arena” (inspired by Terry Gilliam’s commercial from some years ago 😀 )

Modelled in Blender, textures in Substance, game engine and lighting in Unity.

I’ve done 3 more of these arenas (1 per month) recently, and i’ll be posting also another project i’ve done before that and that’s continuing now .

As for tech specs, it’s a indie pc game,  uses Unity 5, so pbr materials and Enlighten (using a combo of low res realtime and more detailed baked GI ). Polycount was a bit more limited, aiming for 150-200k tris per level.

Textures budget is always a little less clear-cut : generally it’s all done with a 8-12 2k textures (knowing some might need ‘sacrificing’ to 1k) , 1-2 4k textures and 3-4 1k tileables and misc. textures,  which runs fine on a modern pc even at 1440p  but it’s anyway easily scalable for other hardware.

(Edit : 8-12 2k textures .. i mean sets of course ! so actually 3-4 images each , diff+opacity,  pbr spec/gloss, normal and rarely emission or a detail mask )

Workflow has been pretty consistently Blender/Substance/Unity.  The biggest new thing has been the export script i mentioned earlier to batch export quickly from blender to substance for hi-to-low bake and then to Unity for assembling the environment and lighting it.

This script i started  is working ok as an internal tool for my work, but i’d honestly need a meditation week away from everything before it’s worth posting about as a general use tool.  It doesn’t do anything fancy besides joining, renaming, repacking uvs without overlaps, fixing things like flipped normals on joining objects and rearranging ‘named’ uv layers in blender for the ‘numbered’ approach in unity …

But of course behind all the operations there’s a workflow and a logic structure : i.e. how i use object name suffix or parenting or scenes to organize all the copies of assets (for texturing and for in game use)  and that’s very ‘personal’ (to my workflow and projects)

Right now, i have a bit of free time , so i could do that rethink and make sure any more python code i will write is time well spent, and hopefully that will make it more usable for others … Except 😀 , the priority is going to learning the Hard Ops modelling tool for Blender, which is going to be very useful for the other project i’ll post soon.




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