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Rewind Env Art




First round of images from my latest work : Environment art for the PC 1st person puzzle game “Rewind”, out on Steam on the 31st of March , by Stubborn Horse Studio,  main dev. Rachel Cordone.

My part was to develop the full env art kit for the game, starting from a white box layout (very important in this case, being the puzzles dependent on the shapes and dimensions of rooms) For look-dev , i had a small kit of assets from the prototype version and guidelines on design and style, but i did concept work for most of these assets,  and that’s a part i always greatly enjoy.

The project was started in 2012  in UDK, so what you see is not PBR shading (even if most in this post is Substance painter screenshots) , all assets were made with spec/gloss textures, but the engine has different calibration than today’s pbr , and the ‘image reflections’ system used is similar, but a precursor of now commonly used probes and ssr.

I also did the full level building of 2 maps out of 7 , of course ‘full’ being relative to env art, but including lightmap, collision and all the practical testing of your assets .. Those not so trivial things like making sure that your super fancy sci-fi corridor with hundred of pieces actually can tile seamlessy around a 90° curve :D.  Kind of important, and just what i needed, since i recently worked more on single assets than levels, but you need to have experience in building levels anyway, to make best possible assets for level builders.

Being an indie game, this approach of making ‘construction blocks’ that could have maximum reuse and flexibility was fundamental, and on the same line, the outdoor natural elements are a perfect subject for that and helped to give some variation.

Check pics description for more info and another post is coming with game screenshots!

PART 2 : Levels Screenshots !



2 responses

  1. Very cool images, and nice workflow overview! I’ll have to spend more time going over these.

    March 8, 2016 at 6:21 pm

  2. Thanks !
    One thing in the screenshots is the python snippets that i’m using more and more often for stuff simple as joining multiple objects applying modifiers or exporting FBXs to separate files, etc.. I’m planning to start putting those in a tool shelf script to put on github like some other artists do.

    March 8, 2016 at 10:13 pm