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“The Golden Age” ship texturing


Ship texturing for The Golden Age VR :

  • –hipoly sculpting , nm/ao bake to lowpoly in Blender.
  • –dirt baking in DDO legacy.
  • –Base texturing and final editing in Gimp.
  • –Render in Marmoset (diff+spec+nm , constant gloss, pbr shading)

This december, i worked on texturing this ship model for The Golden Age VR (

The project is a VR/museum/reconstruction of a Dutch city in all the splendor of the 17th century .

The lead env. artist for the project is Rob Tuytel (with whom i had the pleasure of working already on Project Mango).

It’s been a great chance to work on an interesting asset (Arrr : it’s a galleon ! how cool is least , until you get to having to  paint each piece of rigging and decor ! ), and technically fascinating too : while the project is -for now- developed in Unity 4, i’ve made spec maps and rendered this asset in Marmoset (and i’m currently digging into the general subject of PBR and next-gen shading)

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W.I.P images and info (click on images to read descriptions) :


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