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Kenshi : texturing game env assets


Long time without posting ! i know. At least, it’s because of  constant work, and that means i have stuff to show !

(often the delay before being able to show something is up to 1-2 years., too bad but that’s how it works)

Here are screenshots of game environment texturing work i did earlier this year for 3D-Masala (who did modelling and supervision and doing a great job at that : reviewing and pointing me to a cleaner, more polished look )  (makers of the game Kenshi )

W.i.p shot of the dirt and edge wear maps painted in Blender (hand-refined, based on processing a cavity map + grunge tileables)

bench-scratchmaskW.i.p shot of detailing hipoly sculpts : metal plates done in Blender sculpt , baked to normals (as the concrete edges chipping in this case, in others concrete nm was handpainted, processed in gimp and converted to nm)



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  1. Ikate

    gran lavoro nico, complimenti !

    September 22, 2014 at 10:48 pm