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New Still : few more bits and pieces


Can you spot the difference with previous update ? just kidding .. the tweaks are getting smaller , but still, at this point you want to patch up all the small imperfections or unfinished bits.

Some visible changes are to composition, mostly on color grading and exposure,  including changing  brightness of some material to get better overall colors (i.e. the background building bricks are brighter and of a cooler hue  now )

I’ve refined the fog , using the “shaded” mode instead of “shadowed” , it’s slower but more realistic , the godrays are barely visible  but more ‘physically’ plausible.

An interesting bit -even if not very visible- is that i’ve finally painted (photo-based) spec and bumpmaps for the green doors on the right and ‘diamond’ wall (on the left) :  those parts are heavily based on photos (meaning the model is traced over an actual photo of the full wall or door )

Basing the model heavily on a photo of a complete architectural element definitely helps realism .. However i was bothered by the shading which looked a bit more “plain” and flat : it had bump and spec , but derived from the photo in cycles nodes, i spent about 30mins each in gimp with brushes and filters and i think they now integrate better with the rest.

In general , using good , complex photo textures was one of the aims of this still … i always relied more on tileables and complex shaders than good photos,(in the end, here too they’re just a few pieces).

But they have their pros .. like the door in the background : i think i wouldn’t have came up myself with such an interesting pattern in weathering (instead i just found a gorgeous looking hallway door in the city center.. and snapped a photo)





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