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New still : almost there…

Almost done , still to do for sure is some volumetric light and fog , and a few more details (some props ? and floating leaves or litter …)

I kind of like the light and comp as it is now .. however , i’m never sure : modelling and textures ,for me,  either ‘work’ or ‘don’t’,  i can easily decide  if they’re done or not.

Refining light and comp ?  it’s a much less linear process .. at this point of making a still i always become paranoid of messing up the look ..or that a different comp could make everything look much better 😀

One way to manage this is checking the previous wip renders (doing them often and always saving them) :  in this case i ‘confirmed’  improvements in contrast and exposure ..but i probably lost something in colors : too little saturation? …


In the screenshot below,  some  details about the render setup in Cycles :

It’s non-progressive -of course!  this mode is working fine now ( since january fixes i think, but i had not tried vast scenes so far )

I’m getting some decent rendertimes .. Well , sorta. This render is 3 hours on my 6 cores cpu .. but it’s not that bad .. the scene is not optimized for speed (as in being  hipoly and fancy materials ), the Gi uses 4 bounces, there’s  a hint of dof and motion blur on the leaves (still wip) and resolution is 150% of fullHD .

The noise is very uniform  from the 1st sample : that’s a good sign, means  not much rendertime is ‘wasted’ sampling some stuff more than necessary ( ‘stuff’ like  direct light or AA, which  require less samples than gi or ao)

And no fireflies !  well, it’s sunlight and not too much glossy , so not a very though case .. but check the left lamp (selected and with nodes shown in editor below ) the “light falloff” node can be super-helpful : it smooths the intensity  decay curve close to the lamp source .. so areas very close to the lamp won’t receive super strong light intensity , and won’t generate fireflies !

By contrast , the lamp under the balcony on the right is still missing that tweak , and you can see it does generate fireflies in the diff indir channel (bottom left of screenshot)

Edit : And by the way ,  in the diff indir pass, notice the light on the far building facade ? that’s bounce light from a white diffuse card (hidden on the right ) .. that adds some nice bounce light without adding  lamps.

That’s also something to remember .. when modelling buildings and streets , you don’t need the ones you won’t see , but if you’re using GI  you can often use some planes to bounce back sunlight  for realism and/or for a specific light effect..



2 responses

  1. Manson Mamaril

    really beautiful… 😀

    August 28, 2013 at 3:25 am

  2. riccardocovino

    texturing and details ended up in an amazing piece of work!
    As for lighting, I think it’s quite flat, not giving volume to the composition.
    It looks like a AO lighting, even if it’s not.
    You know, dull gray day, Torino’s november weather 😀
    I think the composition would benefit from a more contrasted lighting, with sharper shadows and darker unlit areas. If you want to keep the decadence look try to give it some victorian dark feeling (maybe some Sherlock Holmes shots could help).

    I tried a little post on your render, giving more contrast, a blue look, a warm light on sunny sides of buildings, and a cloudy doomed sky.
    Just for fun.. 🙂

    August 29, 2013 at 5:53 pm