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New still: road and other facades


About everything is textured ! and most is working ok, with some tweaks to do (the dirt color in the green building, the puddles water shader) i’m also planning to add some more mesh details and props (especially to the background building) , and rework some models (like the garden entrance).

I’ve also worked a bit on the lighting ,  trying to get a balance between dusk sunlight and artificial light.

Also, i’d really like to  have some  volumetric light and fog ,  so i guess i can’t refine the comp much (in contrast .. staturation and key/fill light ratio ..) before setting that up.

But, In general, .. this render gives a good idea of where this is going .. And, as usual, with my renders it has a peculiar “matte” look to it … and , more than that, the lighting isn’t very contrasted .. if you blur the image you quickly get to a flat grey  .. But i also like that matte look !  you can read and see detail in shadow areas and it’s not too “cheap-cg-glossy”  (when i say matte or glossy here , i don’t mean ‘materials’  but the ‘film’ ..the general look/lighting style )

This question is also related to something that i started figuring out during Mango.. that’s the “conflict” between lighting and textures : strong, rich, contrasted textures can get in the way of lighting , almost “overriding” the lighting itself  …this image is a good test ground for this , at some point i’ll have to do the comp not starting from the final render but rebuilding it from passes , so i can try to balance influence of color passes and dir/indir light passes … let’s see..

Btw , thanks for the comments !  i’ve posted this only on the blog and social networks because so far i stuck to ‘my own plan’ and  had lots to test anyway, but at some point i should try to get more crits and additional ideas ..


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