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New Still : Early texturing


In the pic. below the current state of this env. still , i’ve started texturing, even though there’s still quite a bit to do on the modelling side :  detailing modelling for sure (wires,  dirt and litter, pebbles, etc..) but possibly also some composition tweaks  and other big changes.

What i wanted to check first , was the foreground arch .. i wasn’t sure if i could get away with detailing it only by texturing or if it needed more  mesh details .. seems it worked, i’ll add some stuff, but just ‘pasted’ on top , not changing the base mesh..


And the textured view :

As usual it’s just b/w dirtmaps , no full color textures , all the rest is done with vertcol , tileables and lots of nodes.



One other thing i wanted to test early was the 3 steps stencil node group i used often (not so much lately) , here i’m using V3 (you can see the params below , and it’s available in the resources page downloads )

The screenshot below shows on the right the handpainted dirtmap and on the left the viewport shows the effect of ‘noise’ on the dirtmap .. of course the black/grey/white are replaced in the final render by tileable photo textures , but the noise overlay does an important job : the handpainted dirtmap is quite simple , blobby and blurry . The noise overlay adds ‘character’ (here a peeling plaster pattern)  without spending too much time detailing with complex brushes each specific dirtmap..



And  the diffuse color channel :

One thing i’ve learnt better in the last months (especially in the work on Tube) is that generally speaking is best to have a quite flat dif-col : don’t over-shade it .

E.g. in tiles and bricks textures don’t shade/darken the grouts at all , if you have a bumpmap, it  will do the job . Darkening the grouts in the diffuse will only over-do the effect.



And of course , all is stil w.i.p. and there’s no comp at all for now (only some AO overlay)



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