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New still : Blockout 2 and detailing

Proceding with modelling this new portfolio still (..eerh, no name for it yet..)

Since the 1st post, i did only 1 blockout tweak for composition: rotating the background building so it’s not parallel to camera , that helped a lot, making it more real-world plausible and also to avoid that building becoming too much of a focal point of the scene .. the idea would be for the attention of the viewer to move around  the environment and around 3-4 focal points not getting stuck on a single thing.

So i started detailing . From experience, i think the delicate thing at this point is to stick to real world references , not to work too much from memory and intuition , that might reduce overall realism.

However, i also feel that  the most ‘advanced’ skill of a modeller is just that :  not just being able to copy stuff for which you have a full and perfect reference .. but to make models just like you want them or need them for other reasons (good compostion, visual impact, storytelling needs, originality in look and style..)   , then spot the points that aren’t convincing and improve them..

So i went on with detailing  without sticking too much to exact refs. because it’s good exercise in a personal project. Then,  some of these parts might still be discarded if i find some ref. piece that could replace an element with something a lot more interesting and convincing.

Also ,  i’ll start texturing some pieces next , just to test some new techniques (..would be more efficient to wait a bit more, but again , it’s a personal study..)

Current status :


Some previous steps :


One response

  1. rangan

    Great art work. Fine details. Lighting enhances the beauty of the picture. Texture is near perfect.

    September 22, 2013 at 4:04 am