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Smoke sim doodle

Just a quick doodle to test a few technical things about smoke sim.

Apart from needing more voxel res. , all worked well and was easy to set up and control :  amount of light passing thru smoke , creating a smoke trail for a moving object, making the trail thick, but also have a thinner base of smoke/fog as a base to diffuse light … this should be useful for stuff to come

Also a nice preset file to share , after refining it a bit. For now a quick tip : to fill a volume with thin smoke in  few frames of simulation :  i suggest  particles  as smoke inflow , make them emit fast to quickly fill the volume,  then increase the  particle size in smoke sim cells (in the smoke inflow tab) , and decrease the density a lot . It’s a cheap and controllable way to create a ‘base fog’.


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