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Finally time for a personal project !

It has become almost a tradition , every summer a new personal project ( an environment still for portfolio ) with -supposedly- the goal of doing something better than anything i did before 🙂

Last year i skipped , being just done with the TOS Dome  and busy with more work , and the previous year’s work  (‘Groggy’ 2011)  worked well in terms of texture paint and other technical aspects ..but the final result wasn’t much of an improvement over  the 2010 image , mostly because of a somewhat plain composition.

Now, i finally have some free time, so i’m in the blockout phase of a new piece ,  i’m trying to get composition right this time , and this slideshow should be interesting for that , check the tweaks and changes between different stages :

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I like the result so far , seems balanced and has nice perspective, but i’m going to post around forums to get some crits and ideas on composition.

As for the rest, the general idea is to have an environment similar in style to what you find in Dishonored (Ooh..! their textures are really something) or Bioshock Infinite. Maybe not so painterly in the texturing but using that architectural style and world setting (about 19th century with some retro-looking tech) .

The reason for picking this style is .. well, i like it ! but also because i have already lots of sci-fi stuff in portfolio , and i need variation , but somehow ‘classical’ fantasy style never appealed enough to me (..for a personal, unpaid project , that is 😀 )

So baroque and steampunkish , it’s still to define how gloomy or not the final image will be,  right now i’m mostly concerned with good, unique looking refs for the various pieces , and the baroque architecture around my hometown  definitely has a lot to offer !

More soon.


2 responses

  1. riccardocovino

    Hi nizu, nice one, I want to see how it will become!
    As for the perspective composition I liked more the first stages, were the pavement on the left had more angle difference with the eye direction.
    Now it’s too close to a perpendicular line and that’s a bit disturbing for me.

    August 4, 2013 at 8:37 am

    • Hi, good point, thanks. I changed the road and sides areas to have less of it (just too much space in the pic was road) but i didn’t think of the perspective and angle of sidewalk, i’ll tweak that.

      August 4, 2013 at 9:20 pm