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more timelapse weathering

This blog has been a bit silent since the beginning of the year , it’s because of all the everyday work of which i can’t show much here.

But at least , i manage to do something for the Tube open movie project. Lots of fun working on these timelapse materials (see previous post)  and lots of learning from the teams’s work ( Dimetrii and Bassam in particular !)

Here’s an update , i painted a dirtmap for the concrete next to the escalator , to drive the weathering position and fading over time.

Also i had to try adding one more layer : it was working decently  with the color of the dirt areas being just a solid green/brown , but replacing that with a photo textures ..makes for quite an improvement.

It’s the old question of detail and ‘beauty’ vs. nodes tree complexity and memory weight of the layers of photo textures . But keep in mind there’s ‘only’ : 1 dirtcolor + 1 b/w grunge maps for all 4 materials , plus the dirtmasks : 1 512 map for concrete and vertcolors for the rest.

(and of course each material has his own col/spec/bump maps)


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