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Timelapse materials tests

I’m working on some timelapse-able materials for Tube, not sure if what you see here will be the final technical solution for that (depending on what’s best for animating this) , but as usual, Cycles nodes are lots of fun !

In the nodes below you can see a group node (red) that controls everything , a simple value / slider  drives overlays and mixes with various dirt textures or vice-versa cleans up the base textures blending them with a solid color.

Besides the red control group (it’s a ‘group’ to allow changes to all materials simultaneously) , in the center column are the base dif/spec/normal textures plus a grunge map, to the right some mix nodes to do the overlaying, and at the right-edge a nodegroup for the bsdfs (the actual ‘shader’ )

That shader preset is a slightly updated version of my usual base-shader for ‘normal’ materials with diffuse and glossy and controls for fresnell , glossiness and bump strenght.

Also : i’ve just created a “resources” page on this blog ! you can download that shader-preset there (togheter with the latest update of the 3xBlend nodegroup ..which btw, i’m not using in Tube so far to keep materials lighter).

More on these timelapse materials soon !



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