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vehicle modelling/shading (wip)






I’ve updated this on the Blenderartist thread , images below , original post after the jump (click more)

technical-10technical textures


This is a relatively quick test i worked on during last week. It’s modelling/design practice of course, but also i picked the subject as a good test case for shading and textures : i just wanted a fairly complex piece of painted metal : mostly uniform as material but with a detailed shape.

Modelling wise , it could use some details in some areas , but i’ll keep it storage until i have some reason to go further .

One thing i could definitely use is lots of tiny bevels everywhere : but i hope that’ll be possible to do in shading soon (in cycles) , having that kind of detail in geometry is a pain for many reasons.

Below is the specular / glossy color texture (actually the channel , result of blending various layers of tileables, vertcol and dirtmaps as usual)

What takes lots of practice is to balance the diffuse with the glossy/rough layer and the mirror coat … it’s already¬† tricky with 2 layers , but here a mirror coat is useful , but in the right amount : it’s car paint, but not brand new and perfect.

I’m still not sure about the right settings for fresnell , there’s a bit too much mirror coat at glancing angles …

Diffuse texture always poses the same question : adding detail and character without overdoing the contrast , especially with dirt and weathering it’s easy to exagerate (making it look painterly -not in a good way – and exagerating the effect of ambient occlusion – again , not in a nice way inipendently from the style you’re after)


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