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Cycles render test – “Nostromo-corridorA”

Just a technical test , after project Mango i wanted to test and re-think the object kits, textures and techniques i used there.
I’m planning to extend this test to 3-4 shots/ ambients , maybe make it into a tutorial.
Strictly technically speaking , after some initial struggles, this scene performed very well : rendering clean in 2 mins. per frame on a i7 3930 cpu .Only direct+ao, very careful limited use of soft shadows , but tons of glossy ūüėÄ . I’m quite excited by the texturing and shading possibilities of Cycles.

On the design side, i looked at Ron Cob’s designs for the Nostromo (in Alien) some great inspiration !

EDIT :  shot 2 added to the vimeo clip , and a frame breakdown here :


EDIT :¬† i’m updating progress on this over at BlenderArtists¬† thread :

Below , after the jump, additional images for that thread , follow the link to read details and comments.





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