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Video logo C25

I’ve just finished this video-logo for a series of events that will take place here in Torino in the next month ,  i did it because the logo they designed is pretty cool and was begging for being animated and also to support the work of my friends who run that place , where i’ve spent almost all my free evenings in the last 3 years.

It’s done completely in Blender ( + gimp for textures ) ,  and i like the result as another good proof of Blender’s potential and completeness for  ‘videos’.

By ‘video’ i mean -of course- video-logos , titles , and moving graphics . Sure, Blender wouldn’t be a perfect choice for the montage of a full-lenght live-action-only movie,

But still, this video logo isn’t really about  ‘3d’ or shading/render,  it’s about  2d graphics , text , their motion , color effects and the final montage / assembly and scene transitions.

As it happened with the FITeL video-logo , Blender handles all that quite well , and keeps everything inside 1 UI and 1 scene file .

So i’ve been able to make this in about 2 afternoons ,  and not rushing either : i spent a lot of time tuning and tweaking the effects.

An interesting case … as i often say , 3d graphics are difficult to ‘estimate’ : generally doing something 3d/cg is slow and expensive ..but not necessarily ,  with the right choices and limits it can be quite simple and fast and even beat some more traditional methods (like 2d animation or shooting video)  for things like advertising/logos and ident videos.

Problem is … clients have no idea of this ,  graphics designers not very often and some times even the 3d people themselves -like me- fail to see how their tools could be used in very simple and effective ways !

And yes , i’m thinking this in terms of how much more work is potentially available for 3d-artists , at the low-budget end of the scale.

Again , this makes particular sense in the field of low-cost video-logos/idents , but it suggests something in general about 3d-cg … That has a lot of potential that we don’t know how to exploit in ”everyday’s” work situations ..just because it’s still quite new and very complex to learn !


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