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Vray Blender Test Scene

I’m working on a test scene for VrayBlender , to release free (CC license) :

A simple architectural interior , lit by daylight only ,  with relatively small windows : big enough to get the room decently lit in a sunny afternoon , but still small enough to create technical problems for  GI calculations.

Here’s the rendered scene  (after some compositing in Blender Nodes) :

Still work in progress :  mostly. I will also post and  discuss this on FORUMS :


The settings in this scene aren’t defaults , not much different  but tuned for this scene , and in general for interior scenes that are a little “nastier” than usual : because of small , distant light sources that require lots of bounces to fill the scene with light , scenes with  very localized strong reflection higlights , with a discrete amount of glossy reflections , etc..

So have a look , but keep in mind there’s a reason if the factory defaults are different (they’re the most universal) while settings in this scene are more tuned to a scene like this one.

Rendertime and quality : this thing renders in 30mins on a core quad 3ghz at 1080p.  Quality is not extra-high ,  GI noise splotches are mostly gone , but still  some noise in reflections.

Anyway good  considering rendertime.

Link to download the scene from my dropbox (later vers. will be on BlendSwap ): ( V 04 )


Some textures (wood , stone floor)  by Ideasman42 ( : images from his libray , edited by me.

Model and scene settings,  textures by me (Ni.Zu – Nicolò Zubbini) , license is : No Commercial , Attribution , Share Alike :

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


i will post update notes below (‘changelog’) and edit the picture and dowload link when there’s a new version :

V02 : fixed some textures missing in packed blend file , some modelling issues. Changed GI settings a bit : more quality in LC less in IRMap . Makes more sense , LC is where scenes with lots of indirect light get solved , the irmap doesn’t need to be that high-quality , better LC is more efficient here.

V03 :  replaced textures from CGTextures with edited versions of  CC textures by Ideasman42 (

Tweaked GI settings some more , moved sun position to front to get a bit more direct light (better aesthetic result , yet this doesn’t make GI easier , as the area of direct light remains very little and overall light is more contrasted and complex for the engine..)

Small update : original v03 blend had incorrect  adaptive subdiv settings (too high , -1/3) fixed keeping download link (now is -2/2)

V04 : getting there , some technical troubles and  relative fixes. updated main post.

UPDATE : V05 – sky texture fixed , AO moved to separate render layer and added to nodes setup , added 2 benches.
Model , textures should be final now , i will still tweak nodes and gi setup (based on feedback)


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