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A small prop for the K700 tractor (the idea is to make it into a diorama scene)

A ‘jerry can’ . I used the node shader an controlmap method , but also  ‘traditional’ painting and photo sourcing on canvas in Gimp.

This time , the clone stamp tool in Blender texture paint was very handy  to fix seams  : i started applying one of my favourite painted metal tileable photo maps , looked fine but with terrible seams , the clone stamp allowed to paint over those seams quickly and with a good sharp result.

Also that base metal was nice but too uniformely dirty and weathered … Funny how sometimes it works to literaly ‘clean up’ textures  by quickly painting over by hand with flat colors on an over-grimy texture as if you were cleaning the object (so , leaving more dirt in recessed areas and ‘cleaning’ bigger , flatter surfaces)

I experimented a bit with pinning UVs to get a good use of uv space  : the pinned vertexes are shown in red in the pic.

I  unwrapped with the usual lscm (defining edge seams ) then stretched the resulting islands by pinning to get more regular shapes and reduce the space between them  .

Works well ,  but i was curious about possible distortions :  pinning stretches faces , and distorts the projection :  generally not by much so it  isn’t a problem.

But if you pin corners , you might be pinning 3 verts of the same quad ..and you quickly end up stretching that quad a lot.

So best to pin the least number of verts possible, especially in corners, and leave the island to auto-relax as much as possible (inside the pinned boundaries you imposed )

And rocks …

Another small prop for the k700 tractor scene , some rocks :

Sculpted and painted in Blender  + gimp for tweaks , uses  a bake of inverted normal Vray dirt , as a guide for edge highlight .

I put  quite a strong edge highlight in diffuse : i didn’t want to make that excessive , a kind of fake lighting ,   i just wanted  dirt and edge scratches .. still this doesn’t look excessive to me, i guess it makes sense for rocks material.

For the sculpt .. i think i got the edges and flat faces look right for rocks .. still maybe the edges (/ridges) could be better , maybe a bit sharper , or crackled..

Btw , great inspiration on this thread here on Polycount :

images : full shader / diffuse only / spec + norm only   :


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