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Blender Nodes groups presets

For a long time i wanted to store (and share) presets for blender compositing nodes system.

Main purpose of groups is building filters like bloom , unsharp mask ..etc .. or any crazy custom chain of filters one uses often.

Until few months ago though , Blender’s node group were of little use , then a patch introduced customization options for inputs and outputs slots of the group node.

So, here are 3 filters , 2 are basic , common stuff of proven utility.

The 3rd is more of an experiment along the lines of “retinex” and local contrast enhance tools , it’s simplicity though might prove an advantage against more complex and less predictable filters,

Anyway .. one day ,to do something better, i’ll try to read the full explaination of NASA Retinex and check again the BGE retinex 2d filter  (see older post)

Blend file here (dropbox) :  (use “append” to add the 3 node groups to your scene , or test the blend with the image included)

Note : Initial version ! prob. will get updates , i’ll post it to Blendswap when i’m more confident with the result.

Details below for the 3 filters included :


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