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texturing test : small shrine

Quick post for a quick texturing experiment :

I wanted to test the 3blend map i setup for VB with a building (stone, masonry) since all previous tests were on scratched metals. (..ok the concept is the same ..)

Picture is pretty self explanatory , note the result diffuse color was made with VrayBlender and 3blend maps , anyway it’s almost the same with BI and stencils.

The key tool was realtime bump map painting with glsl preview , in this case was a great substitute for high to low poly normal baking.

Also the key idea was not to use Gimp layers to make complex textures ,to use the Blender material and it’s layers

Starting  from simple color maps painted in Blender and photo textures , then layering and blending them in a material to create the final maps (diffuse , normal , spec) by baking .

Might seem limiting compared to working in a 2d painting program as gimp , but it’s quite efficient and rational : treating it as a (temporary) shader instead of an image.


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