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envs for iphone game

More infos on the making of envs for an iphone flight sim game. (same project as earlier post)

Funny  :  sculpting 1M polies mesh for iphone ?? yes .. for the terrain height map.

Of course the iphone Hardware meant that 1k*1k map is crushed heavily and you never see 1M polies ..

But still the map came from baking a sculpt of a subdivided plane ,and  that allowed to use some nice tools and solutions :

Also some infos on textures for the different envs i made for the game :

ISLAND LEVEL:  to generate the heightmaps  i tried procedurals noisemaps first , blender has some nice ones , and the ANT script adds some improvements to that set.

Nothing wrong with those as procedurals for many uses (generic noise , dirt mask, cracks , skin or rock bump)

But terrains need something more to give a realistic (‘physical’) look to mountains and valleys (right slope , shapes , flat areas..)

So i used DTM images , simply : black and white bitmap heightmaps of real world areas , some are freely available on the net at fairly high res.

On top of that i used sculpting to finish and tweak areas for gameplay reasons.

CITY LEVEL Here the question wasn’t realistic mountains and valleys , but constaining a terrain to the buildings.

Some fixed slope areas to simplify modelling the small houses ,  for roads , tunnels and flat areas all meshes (buildings) had to match  the terrain diplacement.

So i used  simple mesh modelling to block out the key shapes , then shrinkwrapped it to a subdivided plane (like a mold) and refined  with sculpt.

SCI-FI LEVEL: Similar to city , but here i had to decide about the central building : what to put in as mesh and what to shrinkwrap into the terrain ?

the main shape of the building went into terrain map , but hanging pieces couldn’t , the inside tunnels are meshes cutting the terrain and small ‘sharp’ details also won’t work with terrain optimization.

Textures for buildings were created from a set of mesh models of misc scifi details , arrranged into squares and  baked into maps (pic 3) . i made a couple of those , then painted a B/W blendmap (pic 4) for each final building to blend them.

The result is a typical scifi look :  a outer shell  (white panels) with openings on inner pieces (darker misc machinery) .

ALIEN LEVEL :Being a lava/rock terrain , this was the easiest , hand sculpted . Used  procedurals as brushes.

Procedural as brushes   have the advantage of being fully 3d textures ,  not simple 2d tiled stencils  , it makes quite a difference (on materials where procedurals are useful.)

Textures are hand painted + photos , lighting is baked into diffuse .

As in scifi level , i found easier to bake stuff like emission glow and SSS (gummy plants ) rather than handpaint it , quicker ,and  more consistent.

Being all ‘self illumination’  you can get away with lots of reused textures,  a lightmap on separated uvs like city wouldn’t make sense here ( city , with angled sun light was the opposite case)


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