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W.i.p factory canal still render

I’ve been working on a personal image for portfolio lately, i actually started the model this summer and resumed now to practice with the latest additions to VrayBlender material system.

Until a month ago i really missed some options for making nice materials in VB , regarding texture stacking and blending and dirt blendmaps.

But now they’re there and it just kicks ass. VB25 is ready for serious work . (sure still in heavy developement , but it worked just fine)


Below you can see some steps : 1st 2 clay renders show a grid overlay (3rds and 5fths)  to try get a nice balanced composition.

Last is bottom right pic. (all images are composited  in blender nodes for bloom, sharpen, color grading..)

In the viewport grab below  you can see what’s handpainted textures: Not much , all the rest is tileable textures , lots of them ,often  blended by a vraydirt mask.

I like how that worked : you can get some pretty nice and complex materials without painting : not worrying about unwrap (just auto lscm) ,using dirt masks to have them “respond” to the shape of objects instead of time consuming hand painting, and using b/w mask images to create rust patches or stains ,etc..

But in some cases and on key objects , hand painting makes the difference – yet  what you see are simple textures : quickly done  in blender tex paint , base brush with some jitter , using my cintiq 12 (pen pressure is very important : otherwise you can’t really get decent strokes and variety out of a simple brush )

In painting those i didn’t care at all about the material fine texture or occlusion dirt :i  only painted  those variations and uniqueness that isn’t possible with more ‘procedural’ methods.

Then of course i blended the paint with all sorts of photo textures and dirt to make the final material.

So the painted maps are small , blurry and lightweight , while the tiled maps give high resolution

The only downside of this , is the memory size of these materials : instead of 1 map per channel (diffuse, spec..)  you often use 2 or 3 .

I reused the same maps a lot (i.e.  3-4 b/w grunge maps are used in all materials for very different purposes) but still this render is very close to hit the limit on my 4gb ram.

(i’m happy to say : vray on ubuntu  still runs well , while on win7 hangs .. 1%cpu and very slow render ..clear symptom of  excessive ram use)

It’s almost finished , i’ll post the final soon . I hope i can put some volumetric lightrays in there.


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