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Gas pump – Reflection maps test

This is another practice / test. I’ve seen some really amazing models of old gas pumps ,   great texturing  examples for weathered metal.

So i did my own , blender for modelling and base paint and gimp for finishinbg touches as usual.

This model could use more work in bigger and cleaner  dents and bumps on the metal , with exposed metal and rust ‘halo’ ,

I would have done that by sculpting , but on hard surfaces it’s a pain to obtain the ‘ uniform-quad-grid ‘ that’s very important for good sculpts.

The best way would be painting normal (or bump) directly on uv texture (that ensures good, even resolution ..i wonder what happened to that patch being developed some months ago)

Anyway,  while doing this i noticed how important refmaps are.

For instance Playing MafiaII you can see them everywhere, they make a huge difference on metals , but are used on the road pavement too .. and also they’re dynamic  (really showing the env you’re in)

It’s easy to mistake them for good speculars .. but the behaviour is different. Basically they have “shape” while speculars always are just a blobby, uniform color.

First, refmaps allow fresnell (even when just using a static mirrorball image) . Blender has ‘ramps’ doing a similar thing for spec and diffuse ..but i find  mirrorball  easier and more powerfull.

Second , In the mirror ball image you can put all other sorts of shapes (windows, square lights) and color variances..

In the example pic. both spec and refmap use the same texture to control intensity .


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