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sci-fi game prop : vent

Another texturing exercise.

Blender direct paint  + Gimp , a scratch/dirt map was painted in Blender , ao baked , normal map from hipoly  , then  Gimp to blend photo textures using the dirtmap and more painting.

Painting textures really is an art .. not a short list of tricks to learn quickly .Sure you need to learn that : but then a lot of practice .

Consider painted metal scratches :  we all know it scratches on corners .. but the quality of the texture depends on training the eye for subtler details (and reproducing them):

There might be a coat of primer under the paint that wears out smoothly and fades  (while paint chips away more sharply) , also around chipped paint you might have or not a darker halo of dirt and rust .

And even when you reckognize this details .. using a slightly wrong value or size could make it all more painterly and less photoreal.



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  1. mifth

    awesome!!!!! everithing is made professionally!!

    December 7, 2010 at 4:17 pm