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more sculpting and hard surfaces

Udk (unreal engine editor) besides being obviously a great game engine , is also a  great reference  /learning tool.

I was looking at it for ref. on  lighting and shading stuff , and i noticed some env props, Scifi wallpanels with very low polycount and a quite organic design .. sculpted maybe ?

so i tried doing one myself :

left is low poly mesh (250 tris)  center : normal mapped low poly, right is hipoly  sculpt.

Done in Blender 2.5  and Gimp,  for textures unfortunately you can’t do everything in blender paint mode : filling , overlaying photos , layers and color corrections ,etc.. But the combination with gimp works quite well i prepare a normalmap , ao render , paint scratches or dirt in blender , then on to Gimp for the rest.

Modelling is all done using sculpt tools , it takes a steady hand (and tablet or pen monitor..) but it worked quite well , better than expected .

Of course the helmet was a more complex base shape and made it more difficult ..but much can be done with practice and a kit of premade details : bolts , plates , wires.. rendered to displacement texture and “painted” on the sculpt : those can help doing details that can’t be easily done with few brushstrokes.


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