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sculpting hard surfaces ?

Long time no post,

I’ve been busy with work ,  no time for personal projects , also unfortunately i can’t yet publish any of the 2 projects i’ve finished this year .. too bad because i have tons of sketches about those.

Anyway, here’s a small thing i did as a test , a helmet sculpted in Blender from a sphere . Started before the brilliant gsoc sculpt tool redesign by JWilkins and finished after.

The idea was to test sculpt on slightly more mechanical stuff, clearly you wouldn’t sculpt an engine or machinery of sorts but a helmet ?  result is interesting.

I find this workflow great for creativity and the concept part , but if it was to be polished for an important finished piece , i would have to rebuild/re-trace most of it with precision using the standard tools in retopo mode.

The new sculpt tools do a great job in helping to clean surfaces and get precise shapes , still the cleaner you need them the more time it takes to polish things.

for a perfect result i guess standard poli modelling is always easier for hard surfaces . (or in this case hard surf. details over an organic base  )


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