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more sculpts

Two more sculpting doodles ,

the face is made in sculptris , the animal in blender (btw .. it wasn’t intentional but it really looks like a  Gorn !! out Kirk !)

Theese 2 were made using my new cintiq 12″.. after 3 years drooling over it , i got one.

Big , crazy expense … at 450E it would be pricy but fine 900 (best price i could find)  it’s just crazy expensive.

I do environments. So painting or sculpting  isn’t the main thing for me, but still i really needed to have a more natural input device.

Even just for the fact the i’m left handed … in the last 10 years i almost only drawn (well , modelled in 3d) with a mouse , using my right hand.

Now i’m curious to see if doing 3d modelling with my “real” drawing hand will change things ..Sure it takes some time to adjust ..

Funny thing , i  had not realized just how much i am used  to use my left hand for the keyboard:  all those crazy (but powerful!) combinations of alt ctrl shift used in Blender …

Anyway the effect on sculpt is great :  more control on stroke direction and curves , pressure control for intensity, great hand eye coordination …very nice.


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