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low poly game model

A lowpoly test. Lighttowers : good test subject , you’ve seen similar props everywhere in many games (i.e. L4D2 🙂 )

Hipoly (some Ks quads ) to lowpoly (330 quads – edit : actually it’s 526 tris – )  with normal map baking.

If you compare this to the lighttowers in l4d2 (awesome env models ..) i noticed after making mine , those have many more minute polygonal details : but  it’s not easy to decide in current engines if a certain prop can use  600 , 1500 0r 3000 tris.. complicate..

Some pain with projection errors : parts projecting over nearby parts .. i found out this is a common problem. A nice tutorial for max (on cgtuts: here) suggested to “explode”  : move each part away so they don’t interfere.

Then there’s the question : what’s the fastest and best way to make the normal maps : modeling hi to low or painting  them?

i prefer modelling. it’s a more technical drawing approach . Painting isn’t as accurate ( hard to make precise , complicate details unless you’re a free-hand bassrelief master .. then painting is faster )  modelling also gives you a good AO map and a fast way to define the base color map.

But then some painting is necessary : materials bump and some details where just painted into the color map .. so i converted that to normal in gimp.

Textures in gimp : didn’t feel much need for projection painting . With mechanical objects generally the uvs are readable enough .(oposed to buildings)

All in all , current gen game models take a lot of work ! i think i’ll need some more workflow tests for the works i have ahead…


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