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“Blame!” env. again

here’s a new render , 2400 pixel width .. i only recently started to care about high res ..and now i think it’s quite important even if it’s going to be viewed at 50-70% the easiest way to ensure a nice, sharp picture (even after messing a bit with nodes) is to simply render higher …much easier than increasing samples .

Downside could be memory i’ve experienced the first cases of slowdowns (i have 4gbs) but maybe it’s because of tons of tiled-high res textures (  .. only about 20% of the scene has custom unwrapped and painted maps , 30% uses ao bakes to mix tiled textures , the rest is purely tiled materials , mostly customized saemless based on cgtextures photos)

I’m happier about  readability now : front is contrasted and saturated,  middle is foggy , bkg is bluish and dark … considering the utter chaos of the scene (..intentional) there’s still a good sense of depth and perspective.

I’m not sure about the photography though .. i’ve  looked at “raw total light channel” (..which has similar use as clay render in judging your light setup) . It shows a light setup that looks like ” camera flash” ..mmh

Below some old test renders , from Lux , with exagerated tonemapping in qtpfsgui (which i haven’t used yet on newer vray renders)

Very nice effects (mostly Mantiuk, Durand or Fattal as TMOs ) but  so messy ..very hard to use the right amount ..sometimes i think it’s better to just use correctly  AO , unsharp mask and correct exposure ..instead of funky TMOs.

And a very old one .. back in august , later i decided to expand the scene and move that bkg facade to the right and insert the dome and hanging ledge..

Actually, this image has been salvaged after a “backup accident” in which i lost 1 week work on this scene .

Yes, no comment..  (Now i use a “quite paranoid”  local SVN as backup.)

All in all , it isn’t funny how i can’t see a clear progression in theese pictures : it isn’t a logic path to a better , more refined pic .. each one has different pros and cons.

Well, i guess it’s because it’s a personal work , an experiment to learn new things ..usually i’m more pragmatic and organized ..


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