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nodes , zdepth and contrast adjust

here is an excerpt from a personal project i did this summer . technically it was finished ..but never published , i was just not happy with it : almost 2 months of free time and i think i could pull more out of that model.

More details on that project  later ..Now, i found something interesting about using nodes to increase readabilty..

Normally one would aim for ‘perfect contrast’ , but .. here is a very cluttered and confused scene, so i looked for ways to make fore/ mid/ back ground pop out as indipenden.

Generally you can take zdepth pass , pass it through a rgb curve to extract a depth zone , then use that as mask to do various things..

The most obvious is to tint far objects bluish … (or any similar fogging)

Here , i tried this : i extracted midground , then mixed it with a solid green  to reduce contrast.

so -yes- it’s no longer ‘ideal contrast’ but helps readability (and realism too .. having ideal contrast all over the picture actually makes it duller ..)

Btw .. the effect is a bit exagerated here , should be subtler , and is more effective on the uncropped image …But the idea is good, imho.


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