CG Sketchbook , notes and tutorials


A persomal project , texturing exercise.

All Blender + Gimp, usually i’m addicted to projection painting methods (where you transfer a photo directly to 3d view or anyway paint on model)

But i ‘forced’ myself to do this the traditional way : indeed, It’s much lighter on resources , having a full photo editor’s tools is great

Works perfectly for vehicles ,  unfortunately with buildings and envs it takes much more time to make clean , human readable UVs.. that’s why i love projection paint.

The design is by Ryan Church (from a sketch on his site) but modified , more low-tech and weathered. (also taken some details from ww2 P-38 fighter)

Again, this was done this summer but never rendered ‘happily’ .. some problems with raytree accel. in 2.49 made it very slow…

Now, rendered with 2.5.2 all went fast and  smooth 🙂


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