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Escher’s covered alley remake

About 3 years ago i modelled a scene based on M.C. Esher’s drawing “Covered Alley” … it’s a beautiful environment but also a great test case for GI. (Some areas of direct sunlight,  some  very occluded )

This is a  remake from scratch of the first version . Modelled in Blender , rendered with VrayBlender – Vray standalone.

I’m very happy with those tools : Blender’s modelling , node editor , projection painting ( used  on right column) , Vray’s  fast GI  and flexible shaders.

Vrayblender  open source exporter and gui for standalone , worked great. Also allowed customization to my rendering pipeline (even if i’m a scripting newbie)

Wireframe  //  tonemapped  image ( “fattal” tmo , done in qtpfsgui , used in node comp)

// Node composition


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