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objects “Kits”

As i said in the 1st post, i do many unfinished tests and experiments.

One reason is  that ,  i think everyone first wants to have those 5-10 portfolio pieces  that cover the subjects you like / you’re good at .

But  then ,  replacing those with new scenes , with significant improvements .. takes time !  nowadays i find more effective to focus on small things and polish them or learn something new.

But , to avoid wasting time on models that  i’ll never use and no one will see ,  i’m trying to do personal work in kits : a single object to be done accurately … then i’ll  use some of  them for personal scenes and some for work.

like this plant :

it wasn’t done with any  purpose in mind,  but this way i dedicated some extra attention to it,  that might be lost in the rush of a bigger project.


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