CG Sketchbook , notes and tutorials

environment art wip sketches

Unfinished with ugly shading and tasteless colors ..But still interesting to see the construction process of an environment and behind-the scene details.

These are wip renders and paintovers i used to communicate with other team members and get feedback during the creation of AMBL (Galactic Bowling WII) for Perpetual FX.

The finished levels : (from my portfolio) – click here

you can see the 2d concept sketches i worked from (to model , texture and light) on Pawel Cucka’s portfolio page

The wip images :

There are shadeless textures previews , block-out images ..For Example , the 2nd image shows the longitudinal section of the graveyard level , i made it to get feedback from  designers ( you can imagine the mails went like  “ok so .. the ball enters a open grave goes through a tunnel of bones , and exits in a small chapel behind the hill , see attached this ok? ”  🙂 )


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