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old works, decommissioned from portfolio

They did their job but they’re getting older ..

Everybody says this “only keep your latest, best more polished work in portfolio”

Must be true , but i’m a packrat ..i’m attached to my old works! so i move them here .

head to for the portfolio

NC2 Grid: Architectural visualization for the factory of a metal grids company.
Modelled in rhino ,rendered in Brazil r/s. lighting: directional sun + direct skylight only.

Castellina: architecture visualization for a museum in Castellina, Italy.
Modelled in Rhino , rendered with Brazil photon mapping.

Wow this is old ! brazil r/s ! good memories..

Jens Previz: This is a sample of the images i produced for previsualization of jeans with jewelry buttons and details (made in gold,silver and cristal).
The jeans were  photographed, then i modelled and composited the details onto them, some are 3d (labels, buttons) , some photos and some digital painted (like the golden or silver seams)


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