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a fistuful of polies , a bucket of photons and a pint of grog

Hello everyone !

I’m Nicolò Zubbini ( aka. Ni:Zu )

I’m a 3d environment artist from Torino, italy, i do modelling and rendering for architecture, game envs and documentaries.

I’ve worked in Rhino and Max , but my weapon of choice is now Blender.

Modelling and texturing are my main interests . but  lighting is a personal passion too,  i’ve experimented with all raytracers for blender,

Currently i’m back to  good old Vray.

This is going to be my  “vault” for unfinished 3d sketches , old finished work , random notes and observations on my current projects.

My portfolio , with the latest finished works, stays at

Until 1-2 years ago i was focused on finished scenes (to build a portfolio).  Now , personal works are more frequently unfinished, experimental things:

Not refined enough for galleries , but  interesting material for a blog/sketchbook.

So, a fistuful of polies and a bucket of photons: that is clear now .. but why “a pint of grog”? Arrr! simply , why not ?


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