CG Sketchbook , notes and tutorials

have to start somewhere

ok.. a good example of unfinished things from the last year ..

The unending quest for a good render …  i consider myself a modeller  but i just can’t keep myself from spending a lot of time on lighting.

from left to right :

1) the original image from 2007 , paid work for Casabase interior design studio , rhino+max+vray … i didn’t use LWF back then ! it shows 😐

In fall 2008 i started using blender , i picked this scene for testing:

2) Yafaray .. quite nice being just direct+ao ! some post with blender node editor. Unfortunately me and photon map are no good friends ..

3)Luxrender : i’m veeery intrigued by this beautiful app,  learning it taught me much about render theory !

4)Vray : i recently bought the standalone : powerful , fast ,versatile i love it. Plus the exporter script for blender is open source ..i even managed to add some small features myself for AO : and i had no knowledge of scripting at all ! how cool is that ?


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