CG Sketchbook , notes and tutorials

Character wip

This character was meant to be part of a personal work , a sci-fi environment in the style of Tsutomu Nihei ‘s “Blame!”

It’s not discarded , i’ll finish it and use it somewhere.

Doing this , i relly appreciated blender sculpting tools , at first i had problems : max policount is  much lower than zbrush  ( currently  blender 2.5 alpha  is waaay better at this)

I  couldn’t sculpt the belts and details on cloth because of hardware limits . . but i found that traditional modeling  worked great:  i ‘drawn’ the shapes  with retopo  (so they’re glued to base mesh) then extruded , modelled as usual.

Sculpting is nice , crucial for some tasks .. but the possibility to switch from  sculpt to ‘traditional’ with one click ! that’s also quite  important..


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